Things, the panel covered in stone veneer?
It 's just the solution for people who want a wall lined with stone.
The news is that installs easily, quickly and without mess.

The panels coated stone is designed to adapt easily to many situations and can be installed on the ground, or suspended, or in support of the wall, or spaced 1 to 3 cm.
This usage solves problems that are often encountered in the walls Housing and offices, such as moisture and uneven surfaces, allowing the passage of cables, ducts, pipes and even the inclusion of thermal and acoustic insulation. The advantages are those made from it can replace electrical systems without ' intervention of masons and electricians, but only with the help of a good editor and furniture to be disassembled and reassembled several times. The panels can be equipped with beams, sockets, lights, passing through the wires, stones removable shelves , cabinets and other accessories to complement their use in various applications. The assembly is designed to be carried out in a simple, clean, precise and fast.

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