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1) Do not apply to painted or finished surfaces or to damp or decaying plaster until all traces of paint or finishes have been removed through mechanical cleaning (such as sandblasting).

2) Do not apply to fine mortar or to finishes that are deteriorating or dusty. Intsead, it is advisable to remove the finish if possible or at least punctuate the surface or apply a fine electro-welded mesh, securely fastened to the wall.

3) Respect the joint spacing to allow for expansion of the materials.

4) Do not apply if the temperature of the surface is below 5 °C or above 30 °C (if the temperature is over 30 °C, wet the surface with water).

5) Do not apply to highly absorbent surfaces without using a suitable adhesive or without moistening the surface.

6) If, during application, the adhesive soils the stone, clean immediately with a wet sponge.

7) For external walls (e.g. garden walls), it is advisable to cover the stone (with a wall top covering or similar) in order to prevent water penetration.

8) Do not treat the stone with acids.

9) Regulations require that the stone is applied with the longer side horizontal.

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